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Hematocrit (Hct)
The percentage of red blood cells in the blood. A low hematocrit measurement indicates anemia.
A doctor who specializes in the problems of blood and bone marrow.
The science that studies the blood.
Blood in the urine.
Hemoccult (Guaiac) test
A test that checks for hidden blood in the stool.
Herpes simplex
The most common virus that causes sores often seen around the mouth, commonly called cold sores.
Herpes zoster
A virus that settles around certain nerves causing blisters, swelling, and pain. This condition is also called shingles.
Hodgkin's disease
A cancer that affects the lymph nodes. See Lymphoma.
Substances secreted by various organs of the body that regulate growth, metabolism, and reproduction.
A concept of supportive care to meet the special needs of patients and family during the terminal stages of illness. The care may be delivered in the home or hospital by a specially trained team of professionals.
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
The virus that causes AIDS.
Human leukocyte antigen test (HLA)
A special blood test used to match a blood or bone marrow donor to a recipient for transfusion or transplant.
The intravenous administration of a highly nutritious solution.

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